Types of kitchen cabinets

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Types of kitchen cabinets

As promised here is a small capsule to inform you about the few different types of kitchen cabinets that can be found in the industry. What do we have to know about it?
You can find three types of kitchen cabinets. The first one, named Frameless, is probably the most known by the population because it’s the most used in the kitchens all around the world. In fact, this style is the most popular because it’s the simplest to fabric and the less expensive. You don’t really need a special expertise for this style. This type of kitchen cabinet is the most refined by reason of you don’t seen the front part of the cabinet only the door. You will find under some pictures of the style.


You will find secondly a style named Frame-overlay, this one as a different aspect because you will see the frame of the cabinet. You have the door above the structure like that you gives it more emphasis. This is fews pictures of the style to have a better idea of the desired look.


Finally you have the style Inset. This type lets see the structure too like on de Frame-overlay, but this one is particular because the door is insert on the cabinet at the same level than the front part. With this style you can choose if you wan’t or not hide the hinge.


A special thing about the Inset is you can add a particular finition on the frame of the cabinet. This is named the style Beaded-Inset. It’s made by laser and this finition need a bigger expertise than the other style of kitchen cabinets. Not a lot of compagny as this expertise in Quebec, so Raymonde Aubry Design is honored to offer you that exclusive style. You can find pictures of this style under.


In the next fews days we’re going to explain you the different styles of kitchen doors you can find.

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