Door Styles for kitchen cabinets

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Door Styles for kitchen cabinets

When comes the time to choose the style of your kitchen different elements are important. The style of your kitchen cabinet doors is crutial. We will describe you today the differents types of kitchen doors you can find. There are four catogories of styles : classic kitchen, rural kitchen, contemporary kitchen and modern kitchen. And we’re going to talk you about the others caracteristics then you can see on kitchen doors.


Classic kitchen:

The « classic » style of kitchen doors have somes particularities. They have interior and exterior trim on the frame of the door. They also have a central part smaller and this one is at the same level of the front part of the door.

portes_1 portes_2











The « Napoléon » style of kitchen doors are in the same family. Indeed, that style is similar at the « classic » one, they have just some little differences. The exterior frame is cambered  and this one is surrounded by both sides with an important trim. That style also have a diagonal connection on the fourth corner of the frame.


portes_3 portes_4










We can also find on this family of kitchen doors this one with a rope insertion in the interior of the frame.

portes_5 portes_6










Rustic kitchen :

The next style of kitchen cabinet doors is the rural one. This one as some particular details, the first one is the paneling in the center of the door to have that country aspect.

portes_7 portes_8portes_9











In the same style we can find this one nammed « arched ». That type of door have a curve on the up of the central trim.

portes_10 portes_11









Contemporary kitchen :

The contemporary kitchens haves some classic and modern elements to create that eclectism on it. That style nammed « Democrat »  can be in completly different styles of kitchen. The interieor trim has a double curved that joins the setback center of the door.












Modern kitchen :

The modern style of kitchen doors as some sober caracteristics, the trim are almost nonexistent. The first style that you can find in this family is the « Shaker ». This door have a simple setback in the center to give her that modern aspect.













We can also find the « Flat » style in the modern kitchens, that style is really minimalist because he don’t have any trim on the front of the door.

portes_16 portes_17










Other particularities:

In all styles we can find these features:

Kitchen door with a glass frame :











Kitchen door with a carreling glass frame :











Kitchen door with slots nammed « V-groove » :











In the next capsule we’re going to explain you the types of construction of a kitchen cabinet and the different finishes then you can find inside of it.

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