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Drawer mecanism capsule

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When you talk about drawer we must first know that there are two types of drawer construction. The first one is a drawer all in wood and made « dovetail », like on this image on the side.

The second possibility is a drawer with melamine covering. In this case you can have all the drawer in this product or you can change the material of the sides. The sides can be in metal , three different finish : white, black of aluminium color. Or you can also have it in plastic.[/column]

The different slides to install on the drawer are important. In the choice we have to think about their extention level. The standrad one is an extention of 3/4 of the drawer but you can also have a full extention slides mecanism. There are others types too who gives a surextention to your drawer.

When comes the time to choose one particular slide it’s important to care about the maximal weight they can support.

The position of de slides can be different too. You can have it in the center of both sides. It is possible to put them under your drawer too, in this case you will see just a little part of the slides or nothing at all. It depends of the model you choose.




An other drawer mecanism accesories are the chocs doors bumpers. A really nice addtion to your kitchen fonctionability.

There is also a pressure release mechanism that lets you open your drawers without the help of a handful and that leaves the front of the drawer plain. A simple little pressure will allow  the opening.

In the the capsule, were going to talk about the kitchen doors mecanism.

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