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Door mechanisms caspule

When you talk about kitchen cabinets a really important part is the doors and the way to open those ones. It exists a lot different mechanisms to open your doors :

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The first one, the most known and the most used in every kitchen cabinet is the hinges. It is a standard use in every project. You will be able to open your door to the side by a rotation of this one.[/column] [column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”no”]mechanisme02[/column][column size=”3/4″ margin=”” last=”yes”]The next one gives an ascending opening from the bottom to the top. The Lift-Up door keep is place she just made an upward rotation. This type of mechanism is named an HK flip.[/column][column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”no”]mechanisme03[/column][column size=”3/4″ margin=”” last=”yes”]In the same vein of the precedent system, the up-and-over lift opening, as an ascendind opening. The difference is that one moves entirely contrary to the HK who only made a rotation. This type of mechanism is named an HS flip.[/column][column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”no”]mechanisme04[/column][column size=”3/4″ margin=”” last=”yes”]The next mechanism is ascendind as well it is a parallel lift-up door. The door moves in the same direction of the cabinets to stay parallel to them. This one moves entirely too. This type of mechanism is named an HL flip.[/column] [column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”no”]mechanisme05[/column][column size=”3/4″ margin=”” last=”yes”]The last ascending machanism, the bi-fold door as a little difference, theres 2 doors needed for this one because it goes up by floding itself. This type of mechanism is named an HF flip.[/column] [column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”no”]mechanisme06[/column][column size=”3/4″ margin=”” last=”yes”]The next mechanism is a downwards door. It is oppening from the top to the bottom with a lid stay to make an downward rotation.[/column] [column size=”1/4″ margin=”” last=”no”]mechanisme07[/column][column size=”3/4″ margin=”” last=”yes”]The last one i’m going to talk about is a lateral opening system. This one gives to the door a lateral movement on the side but it is staying parallel to the cabinets. The name of this mechanism is  a lateral opening system FAD or LIN.[/column]

In the next capsule we’re going to talk about the different possibilties for the corner of your kitchen.

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