Kitchen accessories and storage sytem capsule (Part 1)

Accueil - Kitchen accessories and storage sytem capsule (Part 1)

Kitchen accessories and storage sytem capsule (Part 1)

When comes the time to plan your kitchen it’s important to think about the best way to keep it fonctional. Different accessories have been invented to make life easier in your kitchen! We will talk about the various accessories and storage system for kitchen cabinets into four parts : systems for pantry, top cabinet doors system and accessories, bottom cabinet doors system and accessories and finally drawers accessories.

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There are fews different types of pantry organization systems. The first one is equipped with hinged doors, but having drawers inside to reach more easily the desired item. As on the first image below.

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There are also models of pantry were the drawers are attached to the front door and open at the same time. Like on the second picture above.

The pantry models with drawers attached to the kitchen cabinet door also have several variants available Like the angle cabinet pantry or the really slim ones. Like on those images below.

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We can find models that pull out completely the storage system and do a 180 degrees of rotation (first image) or a system who put the baskets located at the back, in the front of the pantry when you open the door (second image).


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Top kitchen cabinets

For the top kitchen cabinets you also have several types of accessories to help you.  Sliding shelves can also be found in the top of the cabinets attach to the door or to the filer (piece to fill a narrow empty space). Tablets can be made of metal or wood.

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It exist a system nammed tandem who bring the item to the front (like on the upper pantry) like on the first image below. After comes  the baskets to hang on the inside of the cabinet door. You can put spices or other products on it. It is made of wood and/or metal.

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There are also pull down mecanism system to bring the item harder to get at your level (like below).

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An other accessories well known for the upper cabinets are the wine glass hloder and wine bottles racks.

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In the next capsule we’re going to finish to explain all the different accessories and systems for the bottom cabinets and the drawers.

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