Kitchen accessories and storage system capsule (Part 2)

Accueil - Kitchen accessories and storage system capsule (Part 2)

Kitchen accessories and storage system capsule (Part 2)

In the last capsule we began to talk about the different accessories and storage systems in a kitchen. We are going to continue today by talking about the fews possibilities for lower cabinet and for drawers.

Lower cabinets

In the same vein as for the upper cabinets, shelves and sliding baskets can be found in the lower kitchen cabinets. The shelves are attached to the back of the door or you can have sliding baskets who can easily draw after opening the door. The different systems can accommodate provisions and accessories, some of them are specially designed for oil and spices etc. Examples:

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It is also possible to install inside your lower cabinets a sliding support to hang your pots as the first of the two pictures below. The second represent a retractable mechanism  to install on your shelves to bring your kitchen accessories at the right height without removing them from the cabinet.

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There are also recycling and garbage sliding bins you can put inside your kitchen cabinetry to hide them. These may be separate or be in the same cabinet. They are produced in different sizes and configuration: attached by the top, resting on a sliding shelf attached to the door. You can also find bins round or rectangular shape to be installed under the sink provided with an retractable lid.

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You can find a lot of different types of sliding baskets, removable or not to install under your sink or in a lower cainet. An other useful accessories to install in your kitchen in the cabinets or not is the towels holder.

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Drawer accessories

The first accessorie we all look for organizing the kitchen drawer is the ustensils divider. This can be of different colors and be single or double. Its size also varies depending on the width given to the drawer. A product called modulo also offers great possibilities (see last picture below).

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There is also a storage system is made like a board that can be modulated using wood stick to hold plates and bowls in place in the drawers and being more accessible, for example, for children.

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To classify and have a better view at first look it is also possible to obtain multi-level trays made of plastic or wood to store your spices.

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The last aspect of the drawers can be used in a kitchen is the false drawer placed on the front of the sink. Indeed, this one serve to hide brush, sponge and soap.

That closed this capsule about the accessories and storage system for the kitchen. In the next one we will discuss about the different kind of trim you can use in your kitchen design.

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