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Trims type capsule

You can bring design to your kitchen cabinets by so many ways, one of them are the trims, they can change everything. In this capsule we’re going to talk about the different trims  we can find.


Head moldings:

Head moldings arise above the kitchen cabinets. They concerve this name if they do not touch the ceiling. If they touch it, they have the specific name of “ogee.” There are a lot of different styles of head moldings. Here are few models :

Decorative Moldings:

Decorative moldings can also be placed under the head moldings or elsewhere to add to your kitchen cabinets. Examples:

The light covers:

There are two ways to dissimulate lighting under kitchen cabinets. Indeed, the first of the two pictures below shows a kitchen equipped with light boxes. These are made in the conception of the cabinets and it shows up only the cabinet doors. The second picture is a kitchen designed with light covers, they are made for hiding light strips under the kitchen cabinet boxes.

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There are many more styles of light covers: Right, right moldings, grooved, molded, and more. Here are some models:


Corbels :

Here are some models of corbels, you can find some really modern or others with a lot of trims :corbeaux

Decorative applied (ornaments):

After comes the ornaments, they are fixed on the smooth part of the kitchen cabinets. We find rosettes, floral motifs, animals, twists, ropes etc. There to really something for everyone.


Molded baseboard:

The baseboards are also part of the great family of moldings. While they are generally use at the bottom of the walls, they can also be found on the kitchen furniture. Again many forms are available.

Valances :

Valances are moldings that are deposited onto the top of a niche, softening the effect of a square niche. In the image below, the valances are located on either side of the microwave.


Decorative legs:

When it’s time to bring a touch of originality to the design of your kitchen decorative legs are a good way to do it. If I am thinking of the columns, other models exist: Pilasters, Queen Anne style legs, and other furniture legs of all kinds. Here they are :


In the next capsule we’re going to talk about the different possibilities of kitchen cabinets put directy on the countertop.

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