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Trims type capsule

You can bring design to your kitchen cabinets by so many ways, one of them are the trims, they can change everything. In this capsule we’re going to talk about the different trims  we can find.   Head moldings: Head moldings arise above the kitchen cabinets. They concerve this name if they do not touch [...]

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Types of corner cabinets

In the plan of your kitchen you have more than one option to optimize your corner cabinets. We’re going to talk first about the upper ones and after we’re going to see the differents possibilities for the bottom ones.   For the ones on the top, you have two different choice of configuration. Those cabinets [...]

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Door mechanisms caspule

When you talk about kitchen cabinets a really important part is the doors and the way to open those ones. It exists a lot different mechanisms to open your doors : [column size="1/4" margin="" last="no"][/column][column size="3/4" margin="" last="yes"] The first one, the most known and the most used in every kitchen cabinet is the hinges. It [...]

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Drawer mecanism capsule

[column size="1/4" margin="" last="no"][/column][column size="3/4" margin="" last="yes"] When you talk about drawer we must first know that there are two types of drawer construction. The first one is a drawer all in wood and made « dovetail », like on this image on the side. The second possibility is a drawer with melamine covering. In this case [...]

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Types of kitchen cabinet construction

Today we’re going to tell you about the different types of construction for your kitchen cabinet frame and the types of coating then you can find on them. There are 3 different wood materials in the construction of the cabinet frame : 1) The kitchen cabinets made in Presswood : Presswood is made with wood sawdust mixed [...]

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Door Styles for kitchen cabinets

When comes the time to choose the style of your kitchen different elements are important. The style of your kitchen cabinet doors is crutial. We will describe you today the differents types of kitchen doors you can find. There are four catogories of styles : classic kitchen, rural kitchen, contemporary kitchen and modern kitchen. And we’re [...]

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Types of kitchen cabinets

As promised here is a small capsule to inform you about the few different types of kitchen cabinets that can be found in the industry. What do we have to know about it? You can find three types of kitchen cabinets. The first one, named Frameless, is probably the most known by the population because [...]

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Tips and tricks

In the next few days we will try to explain  to you the differences between the different kitchen cabinet designs.  There are some different types of kitchen cabinets not really know by the community and who made our specialty in the quebec industry.  The three styles we will tell you soon about are the Frameless, [...]

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